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Thanks for a great session- when Brad got home I showed him all we learned

I forgot to write down-- while we are walking and Abby pulls ahead--what to do- do I snap the leash and say heel??

she has done well with the dominance training on her back-- she seems to like it

thanks again




Yes, the collar works perfectly for the puppy biting- it ended yesterday-

Brad and I went to Lowe's last night and he made a rope that we fasten to her collar- the only problem is that while she is dragging it around the yard she likes to chew on it as it is just hanging on to her all the time--I give her toys etc but of course the rope is more interesting- any suggestions so that she does not spend all her time biting on it

thanks again-- also the settle dominance is also going well

I greatly appreciated your help




Thanks, it worked right away!!

She now lays on the floor in front of me in the submissive posture and I rub her stomach- she likes it

I did the submissive posture 3 times yesterday and this morning- adding 5 seconds each time- how may days do I continue doing that-

you are a miracle worker and have made Abby and me so happy




I apologize for not contacting you about the advanced training classes for Ellie. This past week she had symptoms of an upper respiratory infection and now my other 3 dogs have it.I was hoping that with the antibiotic she is on that she would have a quick recovery. Unfortunately, she isn't and I would not want the other dogs in class to catch this.It's not kennel cough,plus she had the bordetella vaccination before beginning the class. I wish I had quarantined Ellie when she first started sneezing but I didn't think that it was anything serious.Again, I'm sorry for not telling you that she is sick. I've been a bit overwhelmed with all of them sick at the same time!

I am still wanting her to do the advance classes, but I will have to wait until your next schedule. Please let me know when that will be and I will send you a check before they begin.

I also wanted to thank you for talking to me about the problems I was having with my dogs at home. You suggested that the reason for the 5yr. old Yorkie attacking the 8 yr. old Bearded Collie was because of a health problem. I did schedule a dental cleaning for you and when they did the pre op blood work for her in advance the vet said she has elevated kidney values.

I need to retest to find out more,but it is possible it could be the very early stages of a problem.You also made me realize that with the passing of the "alpha" dog the whole dynamics changed. She kept the others in line in very subtle ways to me. She had this aura of authority with them that they all respected with her. When she died, I felt a tremendous loss and didn't do a good job of being the leader that I was when she was here. When I started to see the bad behavior. I knew it was my fault, but wasn't sure of the remedy. Since listening to you at class it has helped me to understand it better. Because of my sadness, I wasn't being a good leader and Chloe (the Yorkie) was more than willing to step in ! I am determined to have a happy pack again (hopefully healthy too !!! )

Thanks again for your advice. I admire your skills and knowledge. I wanted to thank you in person after class but you were usually busy with Chewie and his Mom. Hope they're doing good. Chewie is quite the character !! Anyway, I wanted you to know that I learned a lot and think that you are the best instructor that I've met.




What did you do to my dog? ;-)) Took him to Petsmart last night and it was like I had a different dog. He tried to push his weight around when we first arrived, two little poodles ( he loves to bully them)I put him in a down and corrected him for barking with "stop" it took only two corrections for him to stop. Then we walked around the store, basically followed another dog around and Scout was a total gentleman.

In fact a couple came in and remarked at how well behaved he was!!! They too have a GSD and can't bring him into Petsmart due to his behavior, of course I referred them to you ;-)

Deb, Jonny was even praising Scout and it takes a whole lot for her to praise him (she kinda holds a grudge because of the whole pulling me out of the chair and breaking my leg thing ;-)

Anyway, WOW, how can I thank you? We'll be taking him to Petsmart regularly to test his skills, once it cools off I'd like to try him at the park where the dogs congregate as well.



i just wanted to tell you what a great teacher you are!! as many times as i've been to your classes, every time i come, i learn something new!! what i really noticed in the last class was during the wait exercise. i noticed that you were saying eh eh to the dogs before the owners were. you could see that they were thinking about getting up before they did. and i realized that i need to develop that- if i get quicker on the correction and catch them when they are just about to move, then i can correct with voice and have to correct less with collar and leash after the fact. that is what i am working on this week!! thank you for all you do!! you're the best !




I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed participating in your training classes. Jessi has come so incredibly far since we first had you come to our house that first time. Though she still has a long way to go when she is not in the training room, the potential is there, I have seen it. She is going to be a great member of the family. As Barb is fond of saying, you don't always get the dog you want, but you seem to get the dog you need. I don't know for sure, but maybe we got both this time, with both Jessi and Stewie.

So, again, thank you showing me what is possible. I really appreciate it.



Just want to thank you for the class last night. You are very calming and positive and it was nice to hear that our dogs can get the the point that yours is at (who is adorable by the way). We will work on our assignments this week. Have a great week!

Sheryl and Cary



I thought about it last night and I would like to sign Cleo up to repeat Foundation Obedience beginning on January 11, 2012 at Riverside Animal Care. I know you said that we still have four more classes in this group, but she is a stubborn girl and I really want to make sure that she is very solid in the basic obedience before we go on to the next step.

If there is still room in that class, just let me know and I will bring the check to class next week.




Thank you so very much... I will try your suggestion and be as diligent as I can. I felt awful last evening with the heel exercise and am very appreciative for your communication. Let me give this a try and see where we get with our little ms piper.;-) I look forward to our next class with you, will hopefully be reporting success.

Your skill and love of the canine species is so apparent . I feel extremely fortunate we found you ;-)



Thanks so much for the class tonight! Very happy to know someone who can train me and my dog :) Never thought I'd be looking forward to purchasing a prong collar. I appreciate the use of your dog's.




Thanks Deb! And thanks again for your excellent training!! I was very impressed with your continued patience at helping us and explaining/reminding the group; and loved watching how quickly the dogs 'minded' you when you had to step in several times. It was awesome to see. We'll see you for an advanced class (and maybe soon with my next rescue for Foundation again!)

P.S. I'm glad you didn't "dock" Breeze for my foot mistake!! I'm really glad he did so well and I was part of the process.


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