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What to expect

All exercises will be taught on the leash. Positive reinforcement and motivation will be used, including praise, toys and treats. You will bring your dog with you to every session. Your dog will have one trainer during the seven week program. The seven week schedule begins with a 1 1/2 hour session due to orientation portion of the class. Lesson Five will be conducted in a public place so you and your dog can be exposed to working in a high stimulus environment under the watchful eye of the trainer. Class members will receive handouts each week to help reinforce the exercises that should be practiced at home.

Graduation/evaluation class members will receive a certificate of completion and an evaluation sheet. This basic seven-week class is designed for dog owners who want to work with their dogs in order to have an attentive, well-behaved pet they can be proud of. It is open to dogs four months of age and older who have all the required vaccines.

(see registration form)


For the enjoyment and safety of all dogs and owners NO AGGRESSIVE DOGS WILL BE ACCEPTED (Biters). If you think your dog may fit into this category, the trainer will meet with you privately before the start of class to evaluate your dog.

Contact Deb with any questions, comments, or concerns @
614-562-0281 or 614-491-1222

Foundation Obedience Course Registration Form


Required Vaccines (Provide dates given)

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